Are you Ready to Create a more Gender Inclusive and Equitable Workplace?

How this course will help you reach your goals.

The Influencing Change: Gender Equity at Work and in Business Session shares 7 proven strategies for creating a more gender inclusive and equitable workplace. These strategies are part of the Women's Empowerment Principles developed by the United Nations (UN) Global Compact and UN Women in 2010.

Several Canadian case studies are shared to help you envision how these principles may help you create a more gender inclusive workplace.

In addition, a private online community where we can share tips with each other has been created to accompany this session.

Share, Learn, Thrive

I’ll also share strategies and tactics that I learned during a successful 28-year career in the Canadian Armed Forces, which I've applied in my work as an entrepreneur since 2012.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve been sharing how the Women's Empowerment Principles can help organizations create more gender inclusive and equitable workplaces.  In 2020, I made a conscious decision to expand gender inclusive sessions to cover all genders.

Course Outline

Learn how Canadian employers are using 7 principles to increase gender equity in their workplaces.

  • Setting the Conditions for Success: A Few Thoughts on Gender

  • The 7 Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) - 1. Leadership promotes gender equality

  • 2. Treat all genders fairly at work without discrimination

  • 3. Employee health, well being and safety

  • 4. Education & training for career advancement

  • 5. Enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices

  • 6. Community initiatives and advocacy

  • 7. Measurement and reporting

  • Sharing Your Gender Inclusion Story

  • Optional Homework and Resources

Ready to Learn New Ideas to help you Create a more Gender Inclusive and Equitable Workplace?

Thought Partner Stories

Kris Dawson, CHRL

Empowering employees to do what they do best in an inclusive & innovative environment, while maintaining a healthy work/life balance

Chantal helped me get clarity around my approach to a possible job opportunity, making herself available right away on a Sunday morning! She carries knowledge and experience and a very positive mindset helping others gain a clearer path to their next career move. Chantal gave me straight forward simple advice (and confidence) on what to do to ensure my needs were met. And, it worked! I landed exactly what I was after. Thanks, Chantal, for being my trusted coach and cheerleader all in one!

Matt Richardson

Task Force at Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative

Chantal helped me, grow my audiences from a very niche group of schools and families in our community to families across North America, as I share lessons on how to keep our youth safe from online creeps. Chantal also helped me identify and connect with other audiences who enjoy learning digital skills, introducing me to Human Resources professionals, which led to a far broader marketplace including the legal profession and corporations.

Stephanie Anaka

Indigenous Financial Broker, Entrepreneur at WFG - World Financial Group

One of my most recent Thought Partner’s is Stephanie Anaka, an Indigenous Financial Broker. We met this year, and periodically exchange ideas on how she can grow her business with the World Financial Group. In our most recent conversation, I suggested that Stephanie reach out to a best-selling Indigenous author. Stephanie credits me with giving her the courage to reach out to this high-profile person who agrees 110% with her goal: a safe and welcoming place where Indigenous people share financial planning advice.

We all learn differently

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access are built in.

  • Inclusion and Accessibility

    This session was recorded for a live audience in August 2021.

    Professional closed captioning was added to the recording to make it more accessible.

  • Flexibility

    Some folks prefer to learn through text. Accessible pdf copies of the session slides and handout are available to download.

    Feel free to access these and review them instead of watching the video, if that is how you prefer to learn.

  • Optional Homework

    Let’s be real, the best way to learn something is to start doing it right away. To help you succeed, I’m going to assign you homework.

    How much you get out of this session depends in part on how much effort you put in to it.

Purchase options

This session may be purchased as a stand alone session, or as an added bonus when purchasing the Navigating Your Career Route Map bundle.