Ready to Set the Conditions for your Success?

A strong foundation helps create opportunities.

Find your ideal career by setting the conditions for success with the strategy and tactics covered in this course. 

Rediscover your gifts,  explore and discover new opportunities, practice self-care and embrace life long learning.

There is no one magic formula or one true path to success. Each of us encounters obstacles and opportunities. When we concentrate on what we’re really good at, things that we enjoy doing, and collaborate with others whose strengths complement areas where we don’t do well, we can achieve what most would consider impossible.

Share, Learn, Thrive

Over this course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from a series of short videos. In addition, you'll have access to learning from others in the online community that accompanies this course. During this course, I’ll share strategies and tactics that I learned during a successful 28-year career in the Canadian Armed Forces, which I've applied to my work as an entrepreneur since 2012.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve been helping a select group of clients learn these strategies and tactics to help them achieve their career goals.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Video

    2. How to use this course

    3. Getting to know you in Setting the Conditions for Success

    1. Introduction to homework options video, transcript and slides

    2. Excel Spreadsheet: Navigating your Career Route Map

    1. Let's Chat about Gifts video, transcript and slides

    2. Let's Chat About Gifts Homework

    1. Recce Options video, transcript and slides

    2. Recce Options Homework

    1. Let's Chat about Self Care video, transcript and slides

    2. Let's Chat about Self Care Homework

    1. Continuous Learning Video, Transcript and Slides

    2. Continuous Learning Homework

About this course

  • $97.00
  • 24 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Ready to Discover and Explore?

Navigating your Career Route Map Part 1: Setting the Conditions for Success can help you identify where to find your Ideal Career.

More about this program

Here are a few other things you might want to know before investing your hard earned cash

  • The program is built around a series of lessons, where I share lessons learned, strategies and tactics to help you map out your route to your definitions of success.

  • Participants are encouraged to share tips and advice with each other through the private online community that accompanies this program.

  • Individual coaching sessions may be purchased.

We all learn differently

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access are built in.

  • Inclusion and Accessibility

    These sessions were recorded for a live audience in July 2021.

    To make these sessions more accessible, professional closed captioning and transcripts were added.

  • Flexibility

    Some folks prefer to learn through text. Accessible pdf copies of each chapter's slides, handout, and transcript are available to download.

    Feel free to access these and review them instead of watching the video, if that is how you prefer to learn.

  • Optional Homework

    Let’s be real, the best way to learn something is to start doing it right away. To help you succeed, I’ve assigned you homework.

    How much you get out of this course depends in part on how much effort you put in to it.

Your journey is unique

Discover your own route map to career success with courses you can do at your own pace.

What real people write about Chantal

Melissa Bellocchi-Hull, CHRP, CHRL, CPM (She/Her/Hers)

Director, Human Resources at CHEO Research Institute/HRPA Ottawa Chapter - Past President

I was so grateful to have taken the Empowered Path Inc. course. Chantal’s leadership in navigating the course was incredible, as was being able to connect with my fellow students on a regular basis. I reflected on my career, did a vision board, used mind maps and reflected on who my “friendly forces” were. Chantal is very invested with her students and the one-on-one sessions with her are so helpful! This course gave me the courage to change industries after 25+ years!

Shawn Adams

Government of Canada

There are many ways in which Chantal’s course benefited me with my career and personal life but ones that stand out are how I see it evidenced in my life. I moved from a job that had very little challenge to a rewarding career with a significant pay rise. I am helping other people succeed and progress in their careers and I hope in their lives, if even in a small way. Never be afraid to ask for what you want.

Xinhui (Dottie) Dong

Recruitment Consultant at Inc.

I connected with Chantal on LinkedIn. As a young professional, I was helpless with restart of my career in Hasting county. Start from resumes editing to introducing new connections and opportunities in Quinte area, she provided me so much help with resources and career advises in local area. She encouraged me to get involved in HR professional network and local community and much more. Every time I connected with Chantal, she always bring me the confident and help me to clear my mind.

Kris Dawson, CHRL

Empowering employees to do what they do best in an inclusive & innovative environment, while maintaining a healthy work/life balance

Even though part of my background was as a career coach, it's really hard to coach yourself into your next career. So I reached out to Chantal to get some clarity around my approach to a possible job opportunity. She gave me some straight forward simple advice (and confidence) on what to do to ensure my needs were met. And, it worked! I landed exactly what I was after. Thanks Chantal for being my trusted coach and cheerleader all in one! She carries with her great knowledge and experience and a very positive mindset and is available when you need her most! I have no doubt that she can help others gain a clearer path to their next career move.

Matt Richardson

Director of Intelligence and Investigations, Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative

We met for coffee and our meeting that day changed both my life and business model! Chantal also opened up a series of new doors for me by suggesting I consider speaking for an upcoming Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) conference. Soon after our meeting I was booked as a speaker for a large HRPA conference and am now listed on their Speaker Roster! It was clear from the beginning that Chantal possesses strong leadership skills - including her unique ability to recognize unconventional talent and apply it in creative and innovative ways! She is a very deep and insightful person and has proven to be a great mentor. Chantal is personally responsible for helping me identify opportunities to expand my business model and has significantly increased my professional network. I am a personal attestation to her services; she changed my life and she can change yours too!

Katrina Osborne

Human Resources Generalist at Belleville Police Service

Chantal is incredibly positive, inclusive, and exhibits the qualities of a true leader. As a mentor, Chantal is my first point of contact when I am looking for career or professional development advisement. Her insight and guidance have given me the confidence to pursue my goals, and accomplish them with perseverance and determination.

Lydia Adunola

CHRP, Certified Human Resources Professional | Author |Leader |Speaker

Chantal Fraser has been a wonderful teacher, leader and friend. She is everything one could look for in a good mentor. The first time I met Chantal, I felt so comfortable to express myself on a professional and even personal level. She listens with an open mind and makes you feel important. Thank you for opening my eyes to new opportunities and growth.

Elizabeth Nicholas

CHRP, CHRL, Employment & Education Coordinator, HR Support at Trenton Military Family Resources Centre

A real go getter, Chantal embraces and shares opportunities with her many network connections. Hard working and dedicated to her community and association affiliations she brings fresh perspective and ideas to reality. I am honoured and pleased to be part of her network.

Stephanie Anaka

Indigenous Financial Broker, Entrepreneur at WFG – World Financial Group

We spoke for about an hour half of great conversation today. I wrote about a page and half of notes, Chantal has a vast knowledge of wealth in her area and seems to be constantly growing. After chatting we finally knew we were cut from the same Indigenous and military cloth in our backgrounds. Together we lots of information to share with each other.

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