Facing Career Challenges?

Do these statements describe your current employment situation?

  • Ready or not, you are about to explore new opportunities
  • Whenever you try to imagine your future career, you feel lost in the woods
  • Your current job is sucking all the joy out of your life

Seeking your next ideal job can be a frightening experience. You might feel alone, and frustrated.

The good news is, it doesn't have to be this way!

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What's Inside the Course?

Designed with a unique blend of personal and professional development strategies and tactics, the program offers:

    1. Welcome to the Navigating your Career Route Map Group Coaching Program

    2. How to use this course

    3. Getting to know you

    4. LinkedIn Group (AKA Community)

    5. Live Weekly Group Coaching Sessions Link

    6. Book your Individual Coaching Session with Chantal

    1. Introduction to homework options video, transcript and slides

    2. Excel Spreadsheet: Navigating your Career Route Map

    1. About the Networking Chapter

    2. Networking: Identifying and Connecting with Friendly Forces video, transcript and slides

    3. Homework!

    4. eBook Networking: Identifying and Connecting with Friendly Forces

    5. Printer Friendly version of eBook Networking: Identifying and Connecting with Friendly Forces. No images, only text and links.

    1. Live Weekly Group Coaching Sessions Link

    1. Let's Chat about Gifts video, transcript and slides

    2. Let's Chat About Gifts Homework

    1. Recce Options video, transcript and slides

    2. Recce Options Homework

About this course

  • $1,769.00
  • 57 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

Course Features

  • Live Group Coaching

    Join us each week to discuss the latest content, share wins, and be accountability partners for each other.

  • Small Class Size

    To allow sufficient time for everyone to participate in group coaching, there are only six spots for this program.

  • Individual Coaching

    One 45 minute individual coaching session is available for each participant.

  • Goals Workbook

    The Achieving Goals Mandala e-book is included as bonus content, to help you unleash your creativity, as you discover opportunities to set you on the path to your next ideal job.

Invest in the Navigating Your Career Route Map Group Coaching Program

Join the Fall Cohort to start your career journey

This group coaching program provides you with a built-in set of accountability partners. You’ll learn several tactics and strategies to navigate the unknown, helping you chart your own path, guiding you towards a future where:

  • Your skills and abilities are recognized and celebrated
  • Your work is fulfilling and rewarding
  • You experience continued career success, on your own terms

Imagine this as your new professional reality. Sound exciting? The strategies and tactics in the Navigating Your Career Route Map program can help you reach your goals.

We’ll meet live as a group for the first time on October 20, 2023.  Eight (8) weeks of Group Zoom meetings will be held, on Fridays from 1pm to 2pm Eastern (Toronto/New York).

Discover Your Next Ideal Job

Join this live cohort and access all Navigating your Career Route Map content. A limit of 6 participants means individual attention to your specific career needs.

From Past Students

Shawn Adams

Government of Canada

There are many ways in which Chantal’s course benefited me with my career and personal life but ones that stand out are how I see it evidenced in my life. I moved from a job that had very little challenge to a rewarding career with a significant pay rise. I am helping other people succeed and progress in their careers and I hope in their lives, if even in a small way. Never be afraid to ask for what you want.

Mahyar Garmsiri, CHRP (He/Him)

Talent Acquisition Specialist at Steeves & Rozema Group

I joined Chantal's course to learn how to improve my leadership skills. Not only did I learn how to do that, I learned how to improve many work skills and life skills. I used these new skills to work on my mental and spiritual well-being in my personal life to better handle work stress and staying connect. I also used these skills to more clearly identify the actionable goals I needed to achieve to grow in my career. I still keep in touch with my fellow classmates from Chantal's course and I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to advance their career.

Melissa Bellocchi-Hull, CHRP, CHRL, CPM (She/Her/Hers)

Director, Human Resources at CHEO Research Institute/HRPA Ottawa Chapter - Past President

I was so grateful to have taken the Empowered Path Inc. course. Chantal’s leadership in navigating the course was incredible, as was being able to connect with my fellow students on a regular basis. I reflected on my career, did a vision board, used mind maps and reflected on who my “friendly forces” were. Chantal is very invested with her students and the one-on-one sessions with her are so helpful! This course gave me the courage to change industries after 25+ years!

Meet Chantal Fraser

Lieutenant-Colonel (retired) Chantal Fraser, holds an MBA from the Royal Military College of Canada and is a recipient of the following awards: The Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) Honourary Life Award; The Department of National Defence Management of Human Resources Award: Employment Equity Category; and The Quinte Children’s Foundation Angel of Hope Award.

Through her company, Empowered Path Inc., Chantal Fraser acts as a Thought Partner, to help people learn how to help themselves, their communities and organizations thrive. Chantal offers a variety of services including: delivering online Indigenous Inclusion Sessions to employers in the lands we call Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast, with strategic partners Indigenous Link; and coaching/mentoring for entrepreneurs and people going through career transitions. Chantal is integrally bilingual English and French, and is a Canadian military veteran. Chantal and her spouse have three offspring, they all reside in Eastern Ontario, Canada.
Chantal Fraser

Learn Tactics and Strategies to Help you Discover your Ideal Job

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We all learn differently

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access are built in.

  • Inclusion and Accessibility

    The videos were originally recorded in July and August 2021. Updated information is shared in our weekly live group coaching sessions.

    To make the recordings more accessible, professional closed captioning and transcripts were added.

  • Flexibility

    Some folks prefer to learn through text. Accessible pdf copies of handouts, and each chapter's slides and transcript are available to download.

    Feel free to access these and review them instead of watching the video, if that is how you prefer to learn.

  • Optional Homework

    The best way to learn something is to start doing it right away. Light optional homework will be reviewed in our live group sessions.

    How much you get out of this course depends in part on how much effort you put in to it.

Start Your Career Journey on Friday October 20, 2023

Weekly Zoom meetings
1 - 2pm Eastern (Toronto/New York)

Are you ready to explore new opportunities?

Navigating Your Career Route Map is the LIVE Hybrid Group Coaching Program you've been looking for!

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● You're ready to transform your career into something more rewarding.

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You see the value of collaborating with others in an online community dedicated to this program.

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You want to learn strategies and tactics from a 28-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces turned entrepreneur.

● You're ready to achieve what most consider impossible by focusing on your gifts and collaborating with others.