Rules of Engagement for Empowered Path courses

  1. Everyone deserves respect 
  2. Be true to yourself 
  3. Content is offered in accessible format
  4. Meetings will start and end at the stated time.

What does accessible format mean?

In Zoom: 

  • Individuals’ choice on whether their camera and microphone are on or off
  • Participation in the chat is as valid as using the microphone 
  • To make sure that everyone is included, I’ll be calling on people by name to provide responses to questions.  You can answer by turning on your audio or typing in the chat.

For group sessions: 

  • Meeting room opens 5 minutes early
  • Live closed captioning
  • Accessible pdf copy of slides available for download that day, recordings and transcripts made available after

Individual sessions: 

  • may include closed captioning or ASL or LSQ
  • Recordings may be made available

Homework and Handouts: 

  • In multiple formats